About Dreimarc

Know a little bit more about our mission, vision and values.

The Company

Drei Marc was founded in 1990 and since then has been managed by its founders, radiobroadcasters and TV professionals with over 25 years of know-how in the audiovisual industry. All this time, Drei Marc has shown a unique level of quality, with excellent results, earning the recognition as a reference subtitling and dubbing company in providing services to exhibitors, distributors and producers in the Free & Pay-TV market.

In 1996, in tune with the new trends in the market and with the development of Pay-TV in Brazil, Drei Marc takes on a new challenge, entering the translation and subtitling segment, investing more and more in technology, professional training and strict quality control. Since then, it has developed a number of solid partnerships with the main players in the audiovisual and corporate market industries in and outside Brazil.

Simultaneously, it began its dubbing operations and currently encompasses 100 sq. meters of 3 state-of-the-art studios with the highest technical and acoustic standards, providing Mixing in 5.1 / 2.0, Audio Description, Narration, Voice Over and M&E Production, in addition to Dubbing services.

Headquartered on Rio Branco Avenue, in the heart of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Drei Marc distributes its work infrastructure over a built area of 400 sq. meters. With highly qualified experts, Drei Marc develops projects and provides a unique quality and customized service to its clients.

Today after 25 years in operation, Drei Marc remains a leader in the subtitling segment and is a reference in the production market thanks to the professionalism and dedication to the commitments we make with our clients.


Drei Marc Mission

To provide society with a full understanding of each and every audiovisual work by means of subtitles, dubbing, audio description and sign language, regardless of the source language or target language, therefore democratically disseminating information, education and entertainment.

Drei Marc Vision

To keep the company’s position as a market leader and have the recognition of its clients, suppliers, collaborators, the Brazilian society and the global market, as a reference in providing production, translation and subtitling, dubbing and audiovisual accessibility services.

Inalienable values

To respect the human being and business ethics; meeting deadlines and preserving the essence of the works.

Commitment to the clients

To operate with the highest quality standard, focusing on the client in all its actions, ensuring the utmost technical and content requirements with efficient and customized service.

Commitment to the employees

Drei Marc believes in the personal and professional development of its workforce, and therefore offers training and quality performance incentive programs, and ensures a healthy and safe work environment. Drei Marc values all kinds of diversity.