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Someday the whole world will speak the same language.
Meanwhile, Drei Marc.

The Company

Drei Marc was founded in 1990 and since then has been managed by its founders, radiobroadcasters and TV professionals with over 25 years of know-how in the audiovisual industry. All this time, Drei Marc has shown a unique level of quality, with excellent results, earning the recognition as a reference subtitling and dubbing company in providing services to exhibitors, distributors and producers in the Free & Pay-TV market.


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Translation and Subtitling

Drei Marc plays a major role in the customizing segment, providing services to exhibitors, programmers, operators, independent producers, as well as companies in the domestic and international market sectors.

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With the recognized quality and leadership in subtitling, Drei Marc entered the Dubbing sector, meeting the increasing demand and continuous requests of clients and of the market in general to provide that type of service.

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Closed Captions

Permanently focused on information, education and entertainment, and committed to promoting the improvement and expansion of its program listing, Drei Marc was a pioneer in implementing this tool on Pay-TV in 2003, making Closed Captioning available on the Rubens Ewald Filho show – a project in partnership with the Telecine network.

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Focusing on offering audiovisual accessibility resources, Drei Marc includes the Brazilian Sign Language – LIBRAS – in all its audiovisual works, in compliance with the ABNT regulations.

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  • Julio Worcman – Synapse (Eng)

    Julio Worcman

    Synapse sees Drei Marc as a reliable partner ever since it was founded in 1990. With its expansion in 1996, becoming the first subtitling company independent from the main traditional Rio studios at the time, the partnership was consolidated. Since then, Drei Marc has never let us down. The wide range of services currently offered, mainly dubbing and subtitling, is continuously exceeding at every level: technical quality, service and trust. Working with Drei Marc means no stress.

    Partner-Director Synapse
  • Alessandro Campos – Rede Telecine (Eng)

    Alessandro Campos

    Our relationship with Drei Marc is not only a business relationship, but a solid partnership connection spanning over a decade, which has generated great products with excellent results.

    Logistics Coordinator Rede Telecine
  • Leonardo Monteiro de Barros – Conspiração Filmes (Eng)

    Leonardo Monteiro de Barros

    Drei Marc has always provided us with fast and quality service. I strongly recommend their services.

    Partner Conspiração Filmes
  • Letícia Muhana – Canal Viva (Eng)

    Letícia Muhana

    Drei Marc is a pioneer in dubbing and subtitling. Since the launching of Viva Channel in 2010, Drei Marc has been providing us with efficient and quality services. Recently we’ve had a wonderful experience with over 80 hours of dubbing the ‘Hoarders’ TV show.

    Director Canal Viva
  • Claudia Clauhs – Food Network (Eng)

    Claudia Clauhs

    Drei Marc and I have been partners for years. I strongly recommend Drei Marc as a serious, fast, professional company; it’s a great cost-benefit relationship. They rely on professionals of different areas ranging from translating to the delivery of the final product, and that really makes a difference!

    Program Listing Vice-President Food Network
  • Pedro Garcia – Globosat (Eng)

    Pedro Garcia

    Drei Marc is Globosat’s long-term partner and its contribution to launching Telecine Portugal was essential to make sure things worked out fine at the time – at one time Marcelo Camargo even had to bring a subtitled movie over at 2 a.m., because the translation was carried out in Portugal then and they burned the subtitles at Drei Marc. And for the Telecine channels, they have always helped out in every single urgent matter required at the time I was the manager of Program Listing and Creation of Rede Telecine.

    Director of Sports Globosat
  • Paulo Barata – Universal (Eng)

    Paulo Barata

    The Universal Channel draws the Brazilian viewer through a customized program listing. In order to achieve that, Universal Channel relies on specialized suppliers, such as Drei Marc, which provides great subtitling, adhering to the strictest quality standards. The company has been our partner for thirteen years and has subtitled several hits, such as ‘Law & Order’, ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’, ‘Flashpoint’, ‘Medium’, ‘Rookie Blue’, ‘Grimm’, ‘Chicago Fire’, Chicago PD’, Chicago Med’ and ‘The Librarians’.

    Director-General Universal Channel
  • Katia Murgel – Sony Pictures Television (Eng)

    Katia Murgel

    Drei Marc is a serious, committed, consistent and reliable company, with a dedicated and considerate staff, who understands the importance of the quality work they provide for TV channels.

    VP Programming and Acquisitions Sony Pictures


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