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Translation and Subtitling

Drei Marc plays a major role in the customizing segment, providing services to exhibitors, programmers, operators, independent producers, as well as companies in the domestic and international market sectors.

Continuous investments to improve human and technological resources guarantee results with unparalleled quality and the most accurate translations from any source language into any target language, in any format, and always with the best turnaround.

Feature films, documentaries or any other exclusively technical or scientific content are always faithful to the original, as a result of the work of expert consultants in different areas.

Offering unique customized service and efficient management, Drei Marc relies on a staff on duty capable of solving any emergency or unexpected problem in real time, even outside business hours. With over 120,000 hours of subtitling, dubbing, closed captions, audio description and sign languages, Drei Marc also a pioneer in implementing a specific sector focused on quality control.


Dubbing, a natural way

With the recognized quality and leadership in subtitling, Drei Marc entered the Dubbing sector, meeting the increasing demand and continuous requests of clients and of the market in general to provide that type of service. Currently encompassing 70 sq. meters of 3 state-of-the-art studios with the highest technical and acoustic standards, Drei Marc provides Mixing in 5.1 / 2.0, Audio Description, Narration, Voice-Over and M&E Production, in addition to Dubbing services.

Faithfulness to the original

Always keeping an eye on the market, Drei Marc has created in its Dubbing Department a quality control sector with the purpose of improving the translations for dubbing, ensuring that they are as faithful to the original work as possible. This allows Drei Marc to provide a superior product, fully dubbed, without the common gaps easily perceived by the public, whenever the original language departs from the traditional and predominant, or even “exotic” languages, still ignored by the Dubbing segment. At Drei Marc, everything is translated and dubbed or even subtitled in special cases, regardless of the language. No information is lost.

Following its Subtitling standards, Drei Marc offers the clients dubbing in all formats, in a number of different languages, combined with a customized service. Through a refined automated system, the client has remote access and can follow the status of every project online in real time. This is another of Drei Marc’s innovations which relies on an efficient management structure and staff on duty to deal with emergency situations and with all clients’ needs.

In a short period of time, Drei Marc began to service clients in and outside Brazil, dubbing e/or narrating feature films, documentaries, series, cartoons, institutional videos, always in tune with the client’s main needs, especially regarding price, deadline, quality and its recognized customized service, as well.

Closed Captions

Permanently focused on information, education and entertainment, and committed to promoting the improvement and expansion of its program listing, Drei Marc was a pioneer in implementing this tool on Pay-TV in 2003, making Closed Captioning available on the Rubens Ewald Filho show – a project in partnership with the Telecine network. Based on its wide experience in the subtitling market, Drei Marc began to guide its structure so as to meet the demand of this important area of the audiovisual industry, which is present today in most free and Pay-TV channels.

Closed Captioning with the Drei Marc standard, in strict compliance with ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) currently includes over 5,000 titles. Incorporating this resource to the TV listings represents a notable practice of social responsibility, providing information, education, and entertainment to the hearing impaired.


Focusing on offering audiovisual accessibility resources, Drei Marc includes the Brazilian Sign Language – LIBRAS – in all its audiovisual works, in compliance with the ABNT regulations. Including sign language in TV shows, news, movies, series, cartoons, documentaries or any other audiovisual work is an important social inclusion tool that helps integrate this important segment of the Brazilian population. In order to accomplish that, Drei Marc relies on a number of experts and on the vast communication experience among the hearing impaired.


Drei Marc performs with excellence all the stages of the audiovisual work: research, script, production, image capture, finalization, sound editing and postproduction. It relies on a highly qualified and experienced team, in addition to modern editing suites operating SD and HD capable contents with sophisticated resources, multilayer composition features, computer graphic workstations for 3D modeling and animation, as well as sound editing and mixing. The final result is always a unique, creative and high-quality product that meets the specific goals of each customer.


Drei Marc performs customization services both from any foreign language into Portuguese, and from Portuguese into any other foreign language. The works are adapted with the purpose of preserving the visual identity of the original content, in all its particularities; vignettes, narratives, graphs and general information of a promotional piece, institutional piece, documentary, feature film, series, commercial videos or any other audiovisual work.



  • Analog and Digital Betacam
  • HDV
  • Mini-DV
  • IMX

Dolby E

  • Codification or up to 8 channels

Pull Down 2-3

  • 1080/23.98PsF to 59.94i
  • 1080/24PsF to 60i
  • 1080/59.94i to 720/59.94P
  • 1080/50i to 720/50P

Down Conversion

  • 1080i HD to SD LETTERBOX 16:9
  • 1080i HD to ANAMÓRFICO 16:9

Up Conversion

  • SD LETTERBOX 16:9 to 1080i
  • SD ANAMORPHIC 16:9 to 1080i